We recently caught up with David Intersimone of Appmethod, to discuss how developers can build better apps in less time.

Fast Apps Fast — Build Native Cross-Platform Apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

Appmethod is the complete app development platform for building fast apps fast for Android, iOS, Windows and OS X. With Appmethod’s object oriented languages, extensible component-based APIs, and visual development environment, developers can deliver cross-platform, multi-device apps 5x faster than with other tools.



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UI Palette: What motivated you to build Appmethod?

David Intersimone of Appmethod: We found an opportunity to take advantage of the industry shift to multi-device computing. Developers had moved on to new ways of thinking about and using their tools, particularly for mobile development, and we wanted to give them a product that spoke to these new needs to develop for multiple platforms.


Appmethod provides modern development technologies in an easy-to-adopt subscription model that is reasonably priced. Developers can start off with a free version of the tool, trial all the capabilities for a limited time, and then easily grow with the tool, adding more platforms and enterprise capabilities as needed. And its all wrapped in a stunning new brand that speaks to a new generation of developers who think mobile & multi-device first.

UIP: How does Appmethod set it self apart from phonegap, titanium and other wrappers?

David Intersimone: Appmethod doesn’t employ wrappers or containers. Appmethod is a true development environment that generates real native apps, compiled to run directly on the ARM CPU and GPU. Appmethod is a multi-device solution targeting iOS and Android, but it also has native support for desktop operating systems including Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Real code for real developers.

UIP: Do you see a trend of employing services like Appmethod to build cross platform, rather than focusing on native one at a time?

David Intersimone: Absolutely. Developers want to develop to one codebase and re-use code as much as possible. Their many forays into HTML5 as a solution to this problem (especially on mobile) is evidence of this desire. But Appmethod is the real solution to the problem. Natively compiled apps are faster, more responsive, more secure, and can fully exploit device hardware capabilities.


UIP: Are there any features for Appmethod that you feel go under-utilized by users?

David Intersimone: The power of native code compiler and component based development spans the entire Appmethod technology stack. Appmethod has a large set of technologies that can easily get unnoticed.

For example the database capabilities include movie support for SQLite, but also for InterBase IBToGo (which offers encryption of database data on mobile), and Local Sql, that is the ability to run full SQL queries with joins against in-memory tables coming from different data sources (on-device, remote, from REST calls, etc).

The productivity gains we provide for development are not just for the client side apps, but across the board into backend and cloud development. This is huge and not entirely appreciated.



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