Ui Palette App template beta test

Announcing our NEW iOS 7 app template is ready for BETA testers!

UI Palette is seeking qualified beta testers for our new app template for iOS 7 developers! If you’re interested in a rich, premium, fully-stocked app template for iOS 7, fill out our sign-up form via this link, or at the bottom of this about page.

ios 7 app template includes xcode 5 storyboard

About Our Beta Test

We’re trying to determine, how would this be a more valuable time-saver and deliverer of true value to developers and teams? How can this be put together to maximize efficiency and customization?

Why use app templates?

We know iOS users expect amazing design, and users reward developers who get it right. To help you shave zeros off your budget and schedule, we are providing this graphic template, to accomplish these five specific goals:

1. Add and position views within storyboard file

2. More easily set tint colors

3. Add segues and correct transitions

Full version templates will include:

4. Extract all .png elements from Photoshop mockups

5. Wire frame for development

Who Are UI Palette’s Customers?

We help professionals get what they need, faster, by providing the graphic building blocks to gorgeous apps.

Many of our customers are iOS developers working on a side-project, who better-leverage their efforts in creating a prototype or MVP to show colleagues and investors.  We also work with contracted developers to provide the building blocks of their clients’ apps.

Many of our customers are  startups, who are building iOS apps, who have good programming talent, but lack a full mobile UX designer, and need better design to keep up with the incredibly picky, yet ultimately very high revenue consumer-base for iOS.

Many of our customers are also designers, who enjoy using our professional-grade, premium templates as a jumping-off point, and continue on to build a graphically unique app design for their client, based originally on our kit.  If you’re a designer, this kit is a great product that will give you all the resources you need to quickly customize a design that’s already based on the human interface guidelines, to save time and allow you more to expand your creativity faster.

Educators also love using our templates, because their students get access to absolute top-quality mobile design assets, for building whatever application the curriculum requires.  Student-developers draw more value from the experience working with mobile UI that looks good while they’re learning, and leave their classes with graphically updated apps that enhance the portfolio of everyone involved.

These GUI kits are the building blocks to developing better-looking apps, faster.

We are now looking for beta testers for our iOS 7 templates, and we wanted to reach out to you, to try our product kit for free, and give us your feedback, and let us know what you think, and to talk about any improvements you imagine.  We would greatly appreciate your attention and effort, and we sincerely thank you for your interest!

If you’re ready to sign up to participate, please reply to this message, and include with a bit about what you do, and we’ll provide you with a beta tester’s download link sometime in mid-to-late October, 2013.

Follow this link to learn more about the lead designer behind our graphics, Khadijah Roussi.

To receive your download link, please fill out the form below, and thanks for your interest!


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