PocketSuite, the easy way for freelancers to manage their business, just recently made a public launch, and founder Yang Forjindam is all over the news.

“I am proud of the pioneering work we did at NetSuite, bringing mid-size companies cloud-based tools to run their back-office operations,” said Forjindam.

“Following a recent conversation with my house cleaner, I felt the impact these tools could have on the smallest of companies would be profound. Once I got the idea for PocketSuite in my head, I couldn’t shake it. I soon after built a working prototype, and PocketSuite was born.”

Displaying great design, both in terms of subtle UI and balanced, robust UX, PocketSuite is a strong new presence in a very fascinating, wide-open field for mobile design, freelance business management.

Elance is an example of a leader in the field of web-based freelance business management. And if you’ve ever used the Elance mobile app, in the context of the functionality of their website, you know how vast the space is for, not just improvement, but transformation of the way business can be organized on a mobile device.

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PocketSuite is an app Forjindam has been crafting for over a year, and in his words, the balancing act is always in effect, between which features to include, and which to throw out in the interest of simplicity and staying easy to learn.

It will be interesting to see how PocketSuite continues, whether it gets bought out by a huge player, or stays independent. Either way, the future indeed looks bright for Forjindam, PocketSuite, and the lucky freelancers who have heard of this free app and use it.


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