This is a roundup of the leading prototyping tools, to rapidly create iPhone and iPad mockups. You can even use these to test on your own device! In terms of apps to help you make apps, these are the 6 best – please enjoy.

Justinmind prototyping wireframing mockup tool for developers


Justinmind helps teams create stunningly high fidelity wireframes, mock-ups, and anyone else looking to describe a mobile application in the maximum amount of detail. Justinmind works well for developers, non-technical outsourcers, and anyone else looking to make a mobile prototype efficiently.

Flinto prototyping tool for mobile designers & developers


Flinto helps you create clickable iOS application prototypes you can display on your iPhone or iPod. Flinto is a tool that turns people into better designers, helping you go from PSD to prototype in under 5 minutes. The Flinto Editor features the “Link Line,” which graphically depicts links between screens. Users of Flinto have reported that this tool also pairs well with Balsamiq.

Flinto also offers Icon Strike, a tool to let you test out what exactly an icon looks like, on your home screen. You can drop any image into Icon Strike, and instantly be seeing it on your home screen, next to all your other apps’ icons. mobile app prototyping tool offers “awesome prototypes for any device,” allowing you to transform your mockup or wireframe into a fully interactive prototype. also has a full iOS 7 UI library with 38 new elements to use while developing.

Prototypr mobile prototyping tool


A fantastic application to aid in creating vivid, stunning iOS app prototypes. Prototypr offers a free viewer app for iOS, so that you can view your mockups and test prototypes on your own device, as well as Photoshop integration, so can preview any .psd file on the device screen with a simple hot key.

Check out Prototypr’s video:

Keynotopia prototyping tool for mobile, web, desktop app mockups


Keynotopia is a professional-grade prototyping tool for rmobile, web, and desktop application mockups, allowing users to create on a robust array of platforms. Easily create winning product proposals, demos, and investor pitches, while finishing on time and under budget. Without touching a single line of code, Keynotopia enables users to create rich, interactive mockups for mobile, the web, or desktop applications, a truly valuable resource for any agile designer or developer.

Protoshare prototyping tool for cross platform mockups


Protoshare is a web-based prototyping tool for developers of any platform, integrating wireframing, collaboration, and teamwork all into one platform. Using drag-and-drop, users of Protoshare can easily create and share HTML/CSS/JavaScript mockups, helping people and businesses thrive. Launched in 2008 as the first collaborative prototyping tool for the web, Protoshare has grown into a full professional-grade toolset, enabling users to make detailed design decisions before expensive designers or developers get involved.

Did we leave out one of your favorite prototyping tools? Let us know in the comments, or via Twitter!


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  1. Hi, I’d definitely add another web based tool – to the list. It has custom built libraries for most platforms including iOS. You can create fully linked prototypes and then test them on your device with one click.

    Eileen (from Fluid UI)

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