We recently metĀ up with Satjot Sawhney of Tapfame to discuss how mobile app developers can better manage credit towards who works with them on apps.

Tapfame: Get credit for the iOS and Android apps you have worked on


UI Palette: What inspired Tapfame? What sparked you to decide “I need to build this”?

Satjot Sawhney: We all work really hard on the apps that make it to the app store, and most of the time only the product manager or the business guy gets the credit – TapFame is the public space where the developers, designers and creators can get the credit they deserve for the apps they work on.

UI Palette: Tapfame really eliminates the problem of finding talent for mobile. How were people searching for mobile talent before?

Satjot Sawhney: It’s important to remember that mobile talent is only 3-5 years old.

UIP: Where is Tapfame heading?

Satjot Sawhney: We want to be the authoritative source on the talent and technology behind apps. This is a valuable resource in finding new talent and learning about new technologies that power the great apps we use.

UIP: Are there any features for Tapfame that you feel go under-utilized by users?

Satjot Sawhney: We have been pushing hard to have users give credit to the open source contributions they use in their apps – it might be too buried in the product currently.

UIP: What are the biggest challenges facing Tapfame right now?

Satjot Sawhney: We’re a small team of two engineers and one designer, we need 1 more engineer to truly nail all the things we want to do.


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