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Shared workspaces, incubators, and accelerators form a wide range of spaces, all offering tons of benefits – relevant new industry contacts, mentorship, and interested investors.

This is meant to be a helpful list of places where startups and entrepreneurs can seek mentorship, guidance, and even funding.

The Bay Area is a uniquely amazing place for innovation and entrepreneurship, and at UI Palette, we are glad to share this information so all people can even just get a finger on the pulse of what’s happening inside the planet’s tech capitol.

San Francisco



1. Greenstart is an incubator focusing on disruptive ideas that are renewable, sustainable, and profitable.

“We are a venture design studio.
We help startups change the world.”



2. AngelPad – Pledging to help entrepreneurs build better products, AngelPad has expanded from San Francisco to New York as well.

What’s unique about AngelPad?

  • Small program (about 12 start-ups) allowing for very personalized mentoring
  • Strong emphasis on product development and market fit
  • Mentors strongly involved in fundraising
  • Office space provided, fostering a community spirit within founders and facilitating access to mentors


i:o ventures logo

3. i/o Ventures is an incubator and café boldly carving out a totally unique niche in SOMA. Inviting the community in every day for coffee is a great way to build ties with where you are, and whether or not you like espresso, i/o Ventures is definitely worth a closer look.

RocketSpace Logo

4. RocketSpace is a dynamic, innovative incubator in SOMA hosting a dozen or so seed-funded startups.  RocketSpace has regular events, definitely check them out and get to know the folks at RocketSpace.


5. The Alchemist Accelerator is a San Francisco-based incubator exclusively for startups whose revenue comes from enterprise clients.


6. PARISOMA is an incubator and co-working space, they frequently host events, and along with faber Novel at PARISOMA, they are leaders in their respective fields.  PARISOMA is extremely unique, and distinguishes itself very well from the field of incubators in San Francisco.

Matter incubator logo

7. Matter is a media-focused incubator with the goal of building tomorrow’s media organizations from scratch.  Matter has a branch in New York, and occasionally hosts events in San Francisco.  If your media startup needs funding, definitely do more research on Matter.

8. Runway is an incubator on Market street in San Francisco with a very active events calendar and membership.

Logo & link to Runway SF - a fantastic startup incubator



9. Digital Garage (DG717) is a new startup incubator in SoMa, bridging the tech communities in Japan, Hong Kong, and the US.

“DG717 acts as a hub to connect companies, new talent, partners and investors with one another to foster a community of innovation and growth.”

Digital Journal

Main logo + link to welcome page for Digital Garage startup for Japan & tech entreprneeurship


sandbox suites, co working, freelancers, independent professionals,

10. Sandbox Suites is an shared working space (with a strong enough community to qualify as a casual incubator) with five locations in the Bay Area, in South Park of San Francisco (their original location), SOMA, by Union Square, in Berkeley, and in Santa Clara.


Silicon Valley


Y Combinator - logo banner

11. Y Combinator is an original. Having first created much of what we know to be a “tech incubator,” Y Combinator is a pioneer known the world over.


Upwest labs logo

12. Upwest Labs is an Israel-focused incubator, focusing on startups that bridge the gap between Palo Alto and Tel-Aviv.


Plug & Play Tech Center logo

13. The Plug & Play Tech Center is a pioneering, well-thought out model for startup incubation. Billed as “SV In-A-Box,” Plug and Play may be unmatched in Silicon Valley for how they’ve exported their model to the rest of the world, to cool places like Singapore.

Founder's Institute logo


14. The Founder’s Institute is a Mountain View and San Francisco based incubator with dozens of branches all over the world, dedicated to “Globalizing Silicon Valley.”



15. Innospring is the first and biggest Chinese-focused startup incubator in the Bay Area.  Hosting events on a regular basis, Innospring is a gateway to highly valuable attention and resources for anyone serious about success and growth.


Vodafone Xone logo

16. Vodafone Xone is a relatively new incubator and accelerator in Redwood City. “Where collaboration and innovation unite,” Xone is a space where qualified startups can get the attention you’d receive at a world class incubator such as this.

But on top of that, Xone is able to offer the full suite of testing tools available to Vodafone.  Currently a 45% stakeholder in Verizon, Vodafone enables startups to have an easy way to test new prototypes on a wide range of devices.



500-Startups logo

17. 500 Startups is one of the biggest incubators in the Bay Area.  Offering funding up to the quarter-million range to startup applicants, 500 Startups was one of the first, and is definitely a key player in the tech world here in the Bay Area.





18. Startup Weekend is an active incubator in the Bay Area, almost always with a big event right around the corner.  Headquartered in Seattle and with branches in Europe and Mexico, as well as the Bay, Startup Weekend hosts events where entrepreneurs build businesses over the course of a weekend.


SVIC logo and homepage hotlink19. The Silicon Valley Innovation Center is a space for workshops, seminars, and mentorship in San Mateo. Active since about 2008, SVIC recently hosted a workshop with the CTO of Eventbrite, Renaud Visage.

East Bay

entrepreneurship, accelerator, innovation hub, East bay, tech, shared workspaces, Bay Area, Richmond, CA


20. The Topline Accelerator

Topline is an exciting new accelerator focusing on helping entrepreneurs scale with growth.

Based on the water in Richmond looking out towards San Francisco, Topline is the East Bay’s newest and largest incubator, with 40,000 square feet of co-working space.

Our innovative architecture is designed for companies who have hit or are about to hit that inflection point to rapidly accelerate revenue growth.

They’re swinging for the fences in Richmond, and rightfully so, the Bay Area is home to copious young companies that dominate global markets, rooted in advantages derived from technological innovation.


A great incubator & co-working space at Sudo Room

21. The Sudo Room is a shared creative co-working space growing in Oakland, near 22nd and Broadway. With open, non hierarchical membership, the Sudo Room shows us what can happen when creativity and technological mastery are pushed forward by a sincere passion for social change and improvement.




22. Techliminal – Based in Oakland, Techliminal is a very active group, with weekly, and sometimes daily, events from which to pick.  Techliminal is a co-working space with a community active enough to qualify as an incubator.  Techliminal operates out of the Oakland City Hall, and has quite a bit of overlap with government and technology.




23. The Berkeley Startup Cluster partners closely with NextSpace and Impact HUB Berkeley.  HUB Oakland is also a new presence, though HUB has locations all over the world.


Video Interview Link: Joshua Bloom on Berkeley Startups in the Bay Area


24. The Berkeley Skydeck works with the UC Berkeley campus and City of Berkeley to best cultivate local entrepreneurship.

Best & top incubator in the SF Bay Area is Berkeley Skydeck

25. As an honorable mention we have BlueSprout, a manufacturing and design startup with coworking spaces, 3D printers, investment capital, mentors, and tons more.

oakland, tech, incubator, manufacturing, hardware, accelerator, entrepreneurs, access to capital, rapid prototyping, advising, small companies, startups,

There are real differences between some of these spaces, but all share the traits of being a community of supportive people for entrepreneurs, with a brick-and-mortar address, representing workers, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Hackerspaces themselves are growing into a movement (and may be a sub-category here, or another category entirely – not to say that financing doesn’t happen in hackerspaces, but it’s safe to say that financing is just a bit more on the casual side).  Keep up with hackerspaces here, among other places.

Investment capital firms could also be logically included in this list, check out the top five most active and notable Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay Area venture capital organizations (and check out here for a longer list with less detail per item).

Did we leave someone out?  Let us know in the comments!  We do try to be somewhat discerning on this list, but for the most part, communities of startups and investors with a common roof are who we try to include on this list.


  1. This list needs an update.

    Kicklabs – redirects to http://transmediacapital.com/
    http://www.ventures.io/ – may be dead, site still recruiting for 2012.

  2. Thanks for the tip!

    We just cut Kicklabs from the list and actually added BlueSprout. Not sure what happened to Kicklabs…

  3. WHOmentors.com, Inc.

    WHOmentors.com, Inc. operates Kompany Startup, http://www.crunchbase.com/company/kompany-startup, for foreign nationals to navigate to H-1B, Objective-S/he, http://www.crunchbase.com/company/objective-she, for women entrepreneurs, and separate outreach initiatives to military veterans and teens.

  4. Have a look at FasterCapital incubator: http://fastercapital.com . We solve three common drawbacks of incubators. Read more on our site.

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  6. Founders Space just made Inc. Magazine’s Top 10 Incubators list.

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