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The terms UI and UX are thrown around quite a bit in the mobile development world, don’t let potential customers catch you in even a slight misunderstanding!

Miscommunications arising from a poor understanding of these concepts can waste time and cost money – the waste ends here:

1.) The term “user interface” describes the elements consumers use to interact with their computers. User interface elements can come in the form of icons, buttons, sliders, navigation bars, search bars, and just about any other way a person can interact with their screen – this is UI, not UX.

2.) User experience, on the other hand, is the totality of the customer experience with a brand. UX satisfaction is primarily derived from the use of the product, but in the case of competitors with similar products, UX may hinge on how easy it is to purchase the product. User experience is more of an emotion – UI are tangible things.

3.) Logically speaking, UI is part of UX, and good UI leads to good UX, but not all UX is UI. Your product will fail to the extent that its UX is bad, and bad UI causes bad UX – but bad UX does not “cause” bad UI.

4.) Part of user experience is the reaction from your promotional videos and advertisements – this has nothing to do with UI, but it’s at the core of your UX.

5.) UI only becomes part of UX when a user actually sees or uses the UI element. Until then, you’ve got unused UI – not part of the UX. This is an important distinction – people don’t actually have to use UI for it to become part of their UX, they just have to perceive the UI, and be aware that it’s there as an option. A seen, but untouched UI might still help or harm the overall UX, because the user is aware of the option or feature provided by the seen (but unused) UI, and this benefits benefits their overall experience. For UI to fail to make it into the UX, the user must fail to become aware of the UI at all.

6.) For example, any vending machine has a simple UI – the buttons we press to get the craved deliciousness (F2 for chips, B6 for candy, that kind of thing). The vending machine’s UX is the feeling we walk away with, once we’re done eating. In this sense, UX is far more complex, because it incorporates the customer’s satisfaction not only with the product itself, but also the level of ease or difficulty with which the product is obtained.

Pixel-Perfect UI Leads To Great UX

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This brief article only scratches the surface – the images and infographics below will add to the depth of this explanation on the relationships between user interface and user experience. Thanks for reading!

UX Explained By A UI Template Builder



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