Web and mobile devices are no longer an exception to the everyday carry. They’re just as necessary as keys when we venture out. We even remain tethered to our mobile devices even when we’re home.

So what is everyone doing with all of these devices? Staying connected and consuming content. Content that must be wrapped in beautiful user interfaces (UI) that provide a pleasing user experience (UX).

Those of us who design UI/UX experiences carry a great deal of responsibility. We create that all important first impression. A bad interface can kill an app just as thoroughly as buggy code.

So how do we deliver on all that the users deserve? How do we maintain our edge? By keeping ourselves current, practicing our craft, and improving our skillset.

That’s where UI Palette comes in.

UI Palette will deliver news, reviews and tutorials on all things UI/UX to help you design better.

  • Keep up with tools of the trade, techniques and trends.
  • Learn from experts through interviews and podcasts.
  • Offer custom courses and tutorials.
  • Highlight inspiring work of our peers.
  • And share tips to make working with designers and developers positive and productive- very important.

The goal is for you to do amazing work, make more money, and enjoy the journey.

Visit uipalette.com often. Share your tips. Let us know about your exciting projects so we can share them with UIPalette readers. Or even better, add your voice in your own articles.

We’re going to have a good time here with great content and useful advice. With you joining in it will only get better!

All the best!

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